Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

So Worker’s Day is around the corner. To celebrate the day of the 1st of May

Camara-Studios wants to give a shout out to all our corporate clients who have patronized us over the last few years. And also give potential businesses some insight on that area of photography

Understanding corporate photography

CP is not advertising photography. It is more about explaining the business’ products and services to the consumer in picture form.

Remember the image going along with your brochure, website or flyer resonates much faster with the viewer than any lengthy write up. That is why it is so crucial to get the message in an image right.

Let’s break down all the necessary aspects of CP

Corporate Portraits

Your employees and staff are the most important representatives of your business. They are key to how you want to be seen by the outside world. Hence images of them should be done in a way that in tune with the company’s vision and mission. If your business in insurance and banking your staff should look reliable, charming and trustworthy. If your business is more hands on, your staff should look motivated and hands on.


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