a strong desire to travel.

"a man consumed by wanderlust"


WANDERLUST is an exhibition of paintings, mixed media, photographs, and sculptures which draw on our collective desire to travel and explore the world. The term is deeply ingrained in the creative DNA of six leading and emerging  artists with strong roots in Germany and Nigeria, who have adventured and experienced living across borders.


Responding to a frequently polarized and fragmented world, these artists explore the internal and external…

Dispersion” effect a “Shatter” or “Splatter” Effect



Today we tried out a Photoshop effect called “Dispersion”. I actually have not understood why it is called Dispersion, because in photography Dispersion normally has more to do with light waves and their lengths that deviate in different amount through a lens, therefor causing a rainbow effect. 

So I would rather call this “Dispersion” effect a “Shatter” or “Splatter” Effect.


However, the first time I saw it, I was moved. Not by the technical aspect. But by…

Our Cabaret Shoot

It was at a cabaret show in Capetown earlier this year that I could finally purchase these eccentric ‘Moulin Rouge’ accessories that I always wanted to have. As soon as could make some time out back in Lagos, I called my team together to create a shoot around them.

I called Ify (the model), Zubby (for hair styling) and Eni Lise from BOM Magazine (for Make up). Together we spent a great day just experimenting and…

The Shell

When I went shopping for accessories for the studio the other day, I stumbled on this fake decorative shell. I loved its structure and shape and I bought it right away.

Back in the studio I called Oluchi (Model), Kashogi (Make up) and Zubby (Hair Stylist) to schedule a shoot all around the Shell. They all looked very surprised when I presented them with it. But I explained to them that I just wanted to experiment…

Celebrating Your Body

Last week end we had one of my favorite photo shoots. It was a semi nude photo session for a young lady who just wanted to celebrate her body.

I call the nude photography I do “body landscapes”. The images are not complete full frontal nudes, but light hitting naked body parts, just revealing the outline of the body. The work with light and shadow is very tricky. I let difficult body zones disappear in the…