Kalon Model

Kalon model

Always had a secret dream of becoming a model? Now is your chance. Kalon Models is looking for new and fresh faces. You do not have to be 5ft 11inches tall and weigh 80 pounds. Kalon Models is looking for the attractive, pleasant everyday face that represents every day people. Men, women, girls and boys of all ages who believe they have a special relationship with the camera and are willing to pose for…

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Some Artist work solo while others form relationships with agents or galleries.

Agents or galleries are your business partners. They bring you audiences and opportunities that you probably wouldn’t have had without them.

Think of an agent as someone who adds to your audience and helps to build your career.

Be very selective and only choose someone who you find dependable. Do your research, get referrals and get good knowledge of your market.

Social media platforms are fantastic places…



Do you deal on fabrics, clothing, shoes, accessories? 
Or you love shopping for all the above like us?
Then this is for you.


Camara studios is happy to announce her partnership with Stylesaroundtown. 
This platform is all about style & fashion that we love, like or may be of interest.
Stylesaroundtown will be showcasing various Designs, Fabrics, Shoes accessories and lots…