The Post Valentine Effect

During a photo shoot for a family on a very hot Lagos afternoon in our Opebi studio, a call comes in and it was a referral…(we love referrals!!)

A man with a husky non-Nigerian voice, more like a mix of Lebanese and a twist of French comes online…
Caller: "Hallo! I lost most of my wedding images and will like to do a shoot with you people; I saw my sister’s images and I love them…

Home Sweet Home

I like shooting in my little (or not so little) studio in Opebi. I like the convenience of having the space in which I can welcome people and have total control over my lights and the situation.

But I absolutely love portraying people in their homes. I am thrilled every time I stand in front of a new client’s house ringing the bell in full anticipation. How will the house look like from inside? Will it…

Was this taken in Lagos?

As a photographer you embody various professions in one. Apart from being a director, artist, editor and so on, you also have to be a location scout.

You go through your city with open eyes and catalogue every spot consciously and in my case also subconsciously. So if a client comes with a brief you just pull out a range of different locations for the shoot.

So I also did for the last Mania Magazine fashion shoot.…

Always admired, never purchased

Always admired, never purchased

Last week, as I tidied up my office, I looked at one of my art works called “Amazon” more closely.
I have sneaked it into various exhibitions and I always got more than good responses to it. The main describing word used so far has been ‘scary’. People loved it but to the question if ever want to own it, it was always the same answer; a resolute and strong “No, it’s…

Our Fun Family

Our fun family

Going through our external hard drive of last year’s 2012 I discovered a family shoot that brought back a big smile on my face.

I remembered the fun filled day with this energetic family. They were determined to not have the “normal” posed family portraits and we just made it happen for them.

The two teenagers, who are very creative themselves, felt so at ease in our studio and started immediately to express themselves from…